How to Follow Up After An Interview

By Shi Tianyun

The interview for your dream job went smoothly and you left the room feeling confident. But a few days after, your confidence takes a dent when you’re sitting at home, waiting by the phone that doesn’t seem to ring. Now, stop wishing it to buzz – do something about it.

We’re saying: Follow up! You are pitted against a pool of equally-qualified individuals and the interviewers have their hands full making a decision, following up gives them a little nudge and also show them that you’re really enthusiastic about the clinching the job. And this attitude may just be the deciding factor that helped you to!

The Follow Up Process

During the interview
Make it a point to ask your interviewers for their namecards. It contains important information – their correctly spelt name and designation, mailing and email address. This is also the best time to ask when it would be good to follow up – so you won’t be left wondering whether it’s too soon to call or email them. If the interviewer isn’t able to give you a definite date,help them along by suggesting a date like a week or two later. it helps to prompt them by suggesting a date around a week or two in the future.

The day of the interview
Send an email to the interviewer as soon as possible to reiterate your interest in the job, your strengths and how they can be applied to the position. This should be a summary of what you’ve shared at the interview, plus other information you wished you had shared. You should also have understood better during the interview what the company is looking for, so use this information in your email and highlight how you will fit into the position and environment.

If time doesn’t permit, it is still important to send a quick thank you email to the interviewer for his/her time that very same evening so it will be sitting in her inbox waiting for her the next morning, when her impression of you is still fresh.

A week after
Or whatever date the interviewer told you to follow up. From this point onward to the time you actually do hear from the company, switch between quick phone calls and emails every two weeks to check in.

Don’t panic if they don’t get back to you immediately. The hiring process is more complicated than most realise - there may be many stages that the management has to go through before making someone an offer. The good thing about following up is you could be kept in the loop to which stage they are at now.

Finally, don’t be afraid that you are being annoying or pesky. The interview doesn’t end once you walk out that door - by following up, you are showing how interested you are in the job and this may give you the leg up on the competition. Just remember not to hound the company with emails and phone calls every other day!

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